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**Energy Management

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The primary goal of the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board's Energy Management program is to promote the use of energy conservation measures and alternative energy development in Central New York. To help achieve this goal, the CNY RPDB received designation in 2007 by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to serve as the Energy $mart Communities Coordinator in Central New York. This designation provided the agency an opportunity to increase its commitment to helping individuals, businesses, and local units of government access a range of technical assistance services and financial resources which are available to support energy initiatives in their communities.

Programs and Initiatives

To support local initiatives, staff is actively engaged in energy planning throughout the region, serving on several county energy advisory committees such as the Oswego County Green Team, the Onondaga County Energy and Sustainability Committee, and the Madison County Energy Advisory Committee, as well as, municipal and grassroots level efforts in the Towns of DeWitt and Marcy, the Village of Fabius, and the City of Rome. To assist with this planning effort, staff has established a comprehensive database with information about community energy plans which have been developed across the nation and the resources which are available to support their implementation.

In addition to serving as a regional information exchange and planning resource center, the CNY RPDB is actively engaged in the development of alternative energy projects throughout the region. Key initiatives currently under investigation include a community wind farm, biomass energy facilities, and a regional district cooling system. Attention is also being focused on the development of a major green energy project in conjunction with the expansion of a major health care institution in Central New York that will include energy conservation measures, a green data center, a roof-mounted solar power system, and a green roof.

Central New York Climate Change Innovation Program (C2IP)

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The Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board is pleased to announce our selection as an awardee from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Climate Showcase Communities program . The CNY RPDB will be utilizing the award to administer the Central New York Climate Change Innovation Program (C2IP). The overall goal of the US EPA Climate Showcase Communities grant program is to create replicable models of community action that generate cost-effective and persistent greenhouse gas reductions while improving the environmental, economic, public health, or social conditions in a community.

Over the next three years of the Central New York Climate Change Innovation Program, the CNY RPDB will select 9 municipalities to receive technical assistance and financial incentives within the CNY RPDB’s member counties to:

  • improve energy performance in local government operations; and
  • remove barriers for greenhouse gas management and the reduction of vehicle miles traveled through the development of effective local government programs, policies, and outreach in the areas of land use, transportation, and community master planning.

The CNY RPDB will administer a competitive grant program and provide up to $30,000 to enable selected communities to complete feasibility studies for clean energy projects or to implement demonstration projects to retrofit municipal facilities or upgrade municipal vehicle fleets and make them more energy efficient. Grants provided by the CNY RPDB must be matched 1 to 1 from NYSERDA, NYPA or other programs. Projects must provide ongoing annual reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases and additional environmental, behavioral, health, social, or programmatic outcomes. The CNY RPDB will reserve one of the three sub-grants in each program year for a local government representing a population of less than 10,000 citizens.

Communities that are selected by the CNY RPDB to participate in the program must participate in a program workshop. Date(s) and location(s) of the program workshop(s) will be determined based locations of the selected program participants. Communities must also agree to take several steps in order to participate and receive funding for their feasibility study or demonstration project, which include:

  • Following the 5 Milestone Process established by the Cities for Climate Protection campaign administered by ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability. This requirement includes completion of a greenhouse gas inventory of local government operations by using ICLEI’s Clean Air and Climate Protection (CACP) Software and completion of a Climate Action Plan. CNY RPDB will provide up to $1,000 for communities to join ICLEI and receive access to the CACP software.
  • Adopting the Climate Smart Communities Pledge, a voluntary program administered by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in partnership with local communities throughout the state. The CNY RPDB will help local communities to carry out the Pledge and implement local climate and energy efficiency measures.
  • Becoming a Pledge Driver for the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s “Change the World, Start with Energy Star” campaign. The CNY RPDB will assist local communities to develop outreach strategies to educate and motivate community members.

The program application deadline has passed for 2010. For more information please contact , Energy Program Manager.


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